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Airplane Upset Recovery

Introduction This document is intended to supplement the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid Rev 1 that was released in August 2004. It addresses the issues associated with operations, unintentional slowdowns, and recoveries in the high altitude environment. While the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid addressed airplanes with 100 seats or greater, the information in this document is directly applicable to most all jet airplanes that routinely operate in this environment. This information has also been inserted in the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid Rev 2 completed October 2008. Consult the operations manual for your airplane type, as that information takes precedent to the following guidance.


This covvers the general aspects of RNV operation. After this cours you should be able to operate safely in RNAV airspace.


This cours is a preparation for the FAA ATPL. Once you can comfortably answer all questions and aquire the background knowledge you should have not difficulies to pass the FAA exam